Hello,I'm Richard Matthews, DC DACNB FACFN. I am a Chiropractic
Neurologist, Functional Neurologist, Certified Medical Examiner
for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association, and author.

I have been a Chiropractor for 25 years, most of it in Heber
Springs Arkansas. During summer 2015 I am moving my physical
location to Ellsworth, Maine. I have an undergraduate Bachelor's
degree in Biology, then attended Parker College of Chiropractic
(now Parker University) to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. In
2000 I completed a course of study in Chiropractic Neurology with
the Carrick Institute, and passed the Board examination to
become a Chiropractic Neurologist.
After working all these years as a Chiropractor, I have become
quite specialized in helping patients who have been everywhere,
tried everything, but haven't give up hope yet. I am open to
networking with your MD or you regular Chiropractor to help
solve problems through a team approach.
On this page, I am going to share a little directory as to what I do
and what webpage to learn more on:

-coming soon: If you are an existing patient or client and need to
order more supplements, please click on "supplements" in the
menu bar to the left. Each supplement I recommend will be listed,
with a link to obtain it directly from the manufacturer. I do not
recommend buying supplements from Wal-Mart or similar big-box
stores. Your health is too important!

-coming soon: For patients that have health problems and that
can come to the clinic or can be seen by housecall, hands-on
Chiropractic Neurology care is available. If you are needing care,
please click on the "Chiropractic Neurology" link in the menu bar
on the left for more information about what Chiropractic
Neurology is and how I could help you.

-If you are interested in how to apply the most exciting health
research of the last ten years to improving your health and
function, you should read The Symbiont Factor. I wrote this book
to take thousands of research studies about the microbiome and
"translate" them into English so that the average person can
begin to understand this revolutionary science. For more about
the microbiome, please check out my book and blog links to the
right! thank you :-)

-I also offer consultations to evaluate patient microbiomes and
health issues, using concepts from my book The Symbiont Factor.
Typically this involves the patient sending in a sample to a lab,
then when the results are available I can review those, research
the individual bacterial organisms, and make recommendations
as to how to improve the patient's microbiome, immune function
and brain function as well as digestion and bowel function. These
are all tied to that population of trillions of bacteria that live
inside and on us, collectively known as the human microbiome.
For more about what the microbiome is and how it affects you,
please click on Fix My Microbiome on the menu bar to the left.

-I am certified to perform DOT physicals so that commercial
drivers and private individuals driving a heavy RV or farm
equipment can obtain their medical card. The FMCSA tightened
restrictions on drivers in 2014 and it is harder to get a DOT
physical than it was prior to those changes. For more information
about DOT physicals and medical cards, please click on the DOT
link in the menu bar to the left.